More coolant

More coolant

Coolant is an essential element in the proper operation of an engine. It provides protection against freezing and engine overheating. When there is no coolant left in the engine, there is a significant risk of breakage.

It is therefore imperative to check the level regularly. It must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations every 2 or 4 years, or every 50,000 km.


Changing the coolant is a lot of effort and time in general. However, this is no longer the case with a coolant drain, purge and replacement device such as Flash Cooling®.

Why? Quite simply because it allows at the same time to drain, check the tightness of the cooling circuit, create the vacuum, fill by vacuum, and recycle the used liquid. It is therefore normal to be curious about this kind of device, after all the long and tedious operation of an emptying becomes easy and fast. The whole operation is only done by connecting the machine directly to the expansion tank and that’s it.

The biggest advantage of this type of device is certainly the fact that the emptying does not require any more disassembly on the vehicle. This is not the only advantage since the operation that is supposed to take hours is reduced to a few minutes.


Coolant has several tasks to perform. It is considered essential to a car engine. However, its mission does not stop at simply having to conduct the heat produced by a vehicle’s engine to the radiator.

The coolant must also protect the engine from freezing. It also helps to protect a vehicle’s cooling system components from corrosion. In addition to all this, it is also known to lubricate moving parts. It also protects seals and rubbers.

Thus, coolant is the temperature regulator of an engine. So it helps to maintain a constant temperature. The goal is that the engine does not heat up or that the water inside does not freeze. Antifreeze has the particularity that it only starts to boil at a temperature of 100°C. It only freezes at very low temperatures.