Volkswagen Coolant

Volkswagen Cooling Fluid

It is important to know that the importance of the coolant for the cooling system is a matter of pure necessity. It is therefore normal that universal coolants are available. Others are specific to each make of vehicle, such as Volkswagen coolant.

The role of coolant

Volkswagen coolant is an antifreeze for Volkswagen cars. The properties of this Volkswagen coolant are as numerous as those of other coolants.

The main functions of the coolant are protection against freezing and overheating. It provides optimum heat transfer and protection against corrosion and cavitation of engine components at really high temperatures. Coolant circulates through the cooling system to help maintain a constant temperature in a vehicle’s engine. The coolant composition includes antifreeze, treated water and antifreeze corrosion inhibitor.

This composition makes it possible to say, among other things, that the coolant is indispensable. Its particularity comes from the fact that it only starts to boil above a temperature of 100°C and only freezes at really low temperatures.

Coolant and cooling system

It is recommended that motorists use coolants that are compatible with their vehicle’s technologies. In addition to organic coolant, there are 3 types of coolants available on the market.

Therefore, the coolant plays a very important role in keeping the engine running smoothly. The cooling system should be changed every 50,000 kilometres or every 2 to 4 years.

Why do you have to change the oil? It must be said that over time the properties of the coolant diminish. Signs of corrosion may gradually appear in the cooling system. For quick maintenance of the cooling system, it is best to go through a professional.