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Coolant Flush Machine FC 5210

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The Flash Cooling® FC 5210 is an electric machine that makes it possible to drain, check the tightness, create a vacuum, fill the cooling circuit and recycle the used liquid in a few minutes.

It is compatible on all LVs, LCVs (petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid) and all HGVs, with no cooling system capacity restrictions.

It is equipped with 2 buffer tanks of 10L each allowing infinite fluid draining.

The replacement operation is done by connecting directly to the expansion tank and does not require any disassembly on the vehicle.

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FC 5210 Coolant Flush Machine

Ease of use and speed of operation

The FC 5210 electric station can perform draining, purging and coolant replacement operations in 5 minutes.

  • Compatible with cars, vans and trucks (petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid)
  • No restrictions on cooling system capacity
  • 2 buffer tanks of 10L each allowing infinite draining
  • Simple to operate with a single control valve
  • Quick intervention requiring no disassembly
  • Recovery and recycling of used fluids
  • Prevents soiling the workshop and contaminating the floor
  • Patented system
  • French manufacture
  • Machine with 5 year warranty

Due its patented technology, the Flash Cooling® machine is innovative. The replacement of the coolant does not require the immobilization of the vehicle for hours, in less than 5 minutes the intervention is carried out.

Additional information


FC 5210

Type of power supply

220 volts

Tank capacity (L)

70 liters

Outdoor tanks

2 buffer tanks with a capacity of 10 liters each allowing infinite draining

Collection bins

2 lower bins with a total capacity of 50 liters

Intervention duration

5 mins

Vacuum power

92 liters / minute

Tank draining system

by gravity

Vacuum generated

– 1000 mb

Noise level dB

65 dB

Vehicle types

Cars, vans and trucks (petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid)

Size (W*D*H cm)

65.5 x 58 x 112 cm

Weight (kg)

60 kg




5 years



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