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The coolant has to be be changed regularly. It is advised to replace it every 2 to 4 years depending on the manufacturer. This operation is a crucial factor for the efficiency of the cooling system and for the lifetime of the engine, although it is not the only one. Actually, it allows you to be much more comfortable and drive with complete confidence.

Gentle driving in summer


In the summer, with increasingly high temperatures and sometimes difficult driving conditions, the engine and in therefore the cooling system can be put to test. This is why it is best to anticipate the situation and keep a clear mind to avoid any engine trouble.



A regular change of the coolant will allow you to face long trips or traffic jams with no worries. It will prevent the engine from overheating and the engine fan from turning on unintentionally. Especially since a well-cooled engine will have a considerably longer service life.

Driving smoothly in winter

During winter, a good quality coolant will provide better engine protection. As the engine will be protected against freezing, the new antifreeze has a minimum coverage rate of -25°. This is very important for example if you go skiing, to the mountains or to cold countries. It will also provide better comfort for the driver and occupants thanks to an improved heating of the passenger compartment. Because with a poor quality liquid, it may happen that the cabin heating system will no longer work properly..

More comfort and safety

Often one of the first causes of breakdown, the cooling system is a vital part of every car! It is a valuable support for the engine and builds the basis for its safe performance.

The cooling system needs therefore to be regularly checked to avoid any engine damage, especially before vacations or any other long journeys. The coolant must be changed regularly. It is strongly advised to change it every 2 to 4 years depending on the manufacturer. This is essential for the proper functioning of the cooling system and the lifetime of the engine, but not only. Indeed, this allows you to be much more peaceful and to drive with a total confidence.

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