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The coolants…

First of all, coolant is an essential part of an engine. In fact, it maintains a constant temperature in the engine in order to ensure that it runs smoothly and prevents the engine from overheating.

The coolant or antifreeze is composed of:

  • Treated water, which in particular prevents the engine from overheating,
  • An antifreeze, which primarily protects the engine from the cold,
  • Anticorrosive, which also prevents oxidation and scale deposits on the metal parts of the engine.

The pink coolant

The organic type LDR is usually pink/red in colour. Also, it is composed mainly of products of organic origin which finally offer a more accumulated protection of the engine compared to liquids of mineral origin.

Generally, pink LDR is a universal coolant up to – 30°. In addition, it is particularly suitable for VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES and GENERAL MOTORS vehicles. It also protects the cooling system down to -30°C. Its pink colour is identical to that of the manufacturer for a better follow-up of the quality of the product. Pink antifreeze is a permanent coolant of the latest generation. This type of liquid benefits from an organic technology based on carboxylic acids, perfectly compatible and miscible with G12. It is a ready-to-use product. It can be used as a complement or as a complete renewal of the circuit for better efficiency.

In any case, we remind you that it is recommended to completely drain the system every two years for mineral type coolants and every four years for organic type coolants.




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