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The price of coolant varies depending on the type of coolant you wish to use for your vehicle and the quantity required.

Which coolant to use?

There are 3 types of coolant:

  1. The oldest coolant is IAT, which stands for Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT). It is a coolant composed of minerals. This type of coolant is therefore less suitable for the demands placed on modern engines. IAT is perfectly suited for older cars.
  2. The most commonly used coolant is Organic Additive Technology (OAT). This type of coolant is universal and is therefore suitable for modern vehicles. In this category are type C and type D coolants.
  3. The final type of coolant is Hybrid Organic Additive Technology (HOAT). This is a hybrid coolant that blends properties of IAT and OAT coolants. These coolants have been developed specifically for certain makes of vehicles.



A coolant is also chosen for its antifreeze properties. Here too, there are three different types of coolants that are subject to the French standard NF R 15 601 and which are classified according to their boiling temperatures.

– Type 1 is frost resistant up to a temperature of -15°C with a boiling temperature of about 155°C.
– Type 2 withstands temperatures up to -18°C with a maximum temperature of 108°C.
– Finally, type 3 is the most resistant liquid since it can withstand temperatures up to -35°C and a boiling point of 155°C.

The average price of different types of coolants

There is a very wide range of coolants for all types of vehicles and for all types of budgets. The following price list is an indicative list to give you an idea of market prices.

  • For an IAT coolant, the average price of a 5L canister is 9.50€ incl. VAT.
  • the average price of a 5L canister is 11.50€ incl. VAT
  • Finally, for a HOAT coolant, the average price of a 5L canister is 13.50€ incl. VAT

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