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What is engine overheating?

Coolant is an essential element in the proper functioning of an engine, especially when the engine is at a standstill or during strong accelerations. Its role is to maintain the engine temperature at an acceptable level to avoid engine overheating. The heat generated is evacuated by the cooling system. To protect against engine overheating, the cooling system must be checked and maintained regularly.

If the cooling system fails or a combustion problem occurs, heat builds up in the engine. This is called engine overheating. It can go as far as breaking the engine.

What are the signs of engine overheating?

The water liquid temperature needle rises enormously high in the event of engine overheating. The normal temperature for an engine is around 90°C. To operate optimally, the pointer should remain within a range of plus or minus 10%. In addition, in the event of engine overheating, the red coolant light will come on.

In this case, it is imperative to stop the vehicle in order to limit the damage and especially the breakage of the engine as much as possible.

How to provide protection against engine overheating?

Replace your coolant regularly. In fact, a liquid in good condition will allow you to protect your engine as much as possible. It will prevent corrosion of metal parts of the cooling circuit, including the radiator, water pump and thermostat.

A liquid with a pH between 7 and 8 will limit as much as possible the creation of micro-leaks in hoses and rubber seals. It is a guarantee of longevity for your engine.

How do I replace the coolant?

Our Flash Cooling Station is a tool specially designed to replace the coolant in a few minutes so that the vehicle does not have to be immobilized for too long. It allows you to drain, purge and replace the coolant in order to minimize the risk of engine overheating.

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