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Frequently Asked Questions

Why replace the coolant?
Coolant oxidizes and degrades over time as it charges over time with waste. It gets dirty and can change color. It loses its cooling efficiency and its anti-freeze protection. The liquid becomes acidic and can then damage the seals or the engine components of the cooling system. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the coolant every 2 to 4 years, according to the recommendations of the manufacturers.
When to replace the coolant?
The manufacturers recommend replacing the coolant every 2 or 4 years depending on the vehicle. Do not hesitate to regularly check your liquid because even if it is normal in appearance, its pH or its glycol level may have decreased, leading to a loss of its quality and a higher risk of deterioration of the cooling system.
How to replace the coolant?
The Flash Cooling® station allows you to drain, bleed and replace coolant in minutes. It is the ideal tool for this type of operation. By connecting the station directly to the vehicle's expansion tank, it will suck up all the coolant present in the cooling system and replace it with new one. No disassembly is necessary.
What are the compatible vehicles?
The operation of draining, purging and replacing the coolant using the Flash Cooling® station can be carried out on all petrol or diesel vehicles. It is also compatible with hybrid or electric motors
How to test the coolant?
The first check to perform is a visual test to check the color of the liquid. Several tools exist to control the properties of the coolant. The first is a strip or electronic pH tester to check the pH level of the liquid. For a good quality product, this should be between 7 and 8. The second is an anti-freeze weighing device to check the freezing point of the liquid. Do not hesitate to ask your mechanic for advice.