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The service life of the engine components depends on the quality of the coolant. The cooling circuit is an essential element in the proper operation of the engine. It regulates and evacuates the temperature of the cooling circuit in order to remain at an acceptable level.

It is therefore important to check the liquid level regularly and replace it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to ensure a longer life span for cooling components such as the water pump, radiator, hoses, thermostat…

Why do the cooling circuit motor organs get damaged?

Over time and mileage, coolant loses its properties and benefits. Its pH and glycol levels decrease, making it very acidic. This acidity creates corrosion in the cooling system, primarily attacking rubber and metal parts. An acid coolant will create micro cracks in the hoses and in the radiator. It will damage the water pump turbine and promote the formation of muddy deposits throughout the circuit.

For the longevity of motor organs, it is important to replace it regularly.

How do I improve the durability of the cooling circuit motor organs?

To improve the durability of the cooling circuit’s motor organs, it is imperative to replace the cooling liquid regularly. This can be done with our Flash Cooling® station which will allow to drain, purge and replace the coolant in minutes and without any disassembly.

Gain serenity: Increase the longevity of motor organs

You want to extend the life of your engine’s cooling circuit organs, don’t wait any longer and replace your cooling liquid. This operation will allow you to run in complete serenity and avoid any risk of overheating and premature degradation of cooling components.

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