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Coolant Flush Machine FC 9822

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The FC 9822 station is a set of 2 stations integrated in a single flight case. Specially designed for high level motor competition developed to facilitate the long transports by plane, practical, robust and conform to the dimensions of air freight.

Our machines will make you gain the few seconds that you need to win world championship events or mythical races.

The set of Flash Cooling FC9822 stations is a device of 2 electrical machines to drain, leak test, create vacuum, fill the cooling circuit, purge and recycle the used fluid in minutes.

It is compatible on all competition vehicles (petrol, electric and hybrid) without any capacity restrictions on the cooling circuit.

It is equipped with 4 buffer tanks of 10L each allowing infinite emptying.

The replacement operation is done by connecting directly to the expansion tank and does not require any disassembly on the vehicle.

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FC 9822 Coolant Flush Machine

Ease of use and speed of operation for competition

The FC 9822 electric station can perform draining, purging and coolant replacement operations in less than 5 minutes.

  • Compatible on all competition vehicles (petrol, electric and hybrid)
  • Double machine for the simultaneous treatment of thermal part and electrical part
  • No cooling system capacity restrictions
  • 2 buffer tanks of 10L each allowing infinite emptying
  • Simple to operate with a single control valve
  • Quick intervention requiring no disassembly
  • Recovery and recycling of used fluids
  • Prevents soiling the workshop and contaminating the floor
  • Patented system
  • French manufacture
  • Machine with 5 year warranty

Due its patented technology, the Flash Cooling® FC9822 machine saves you a few seconds by replacing the heat engine and electric motor coolants simultaneously.

Additional information


FC 9822

Type of power supply

On 220 v mains

Tank capacity (L)

60 liters

External tanks

2 buffer tanks of 10L each allowing infinite emptying

Recoveries bins

2 lower bins with a total capacity of 40 liters

Intervention duration

Less than 5 min

Vacuum power

92 liters / minute

Tank draining system

By gravity

Vacuum generated

– 1000 mb

Noise level dB

65 dB

Vehicle types

All gasoline, hybrid and electric competition vehicles.

Size closed (W*D*H mm)

1475 x 904 x 654 mm

Dimensions open 1 pane (W*D*H mm)

1475 x 452 x 654 mm

Weight (kg)

130 kg




5 years



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