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A vehicle’s cooling system is the result of a quality coolant/antifreeze that has been subjected to extreme conditions. For optimum cooling, it is imperative that the coolant does not contain any dirt or particles that can reduce performance and cause corrosion of engine parts. It is therefore important to check it regularly, drain and replace it at the right time or at certain mileage intervals to ensure optimum cooling performance and engine health.

If the vehicle coolant is old, hasn’t been changed for several years, has changed color, or has consistency in the expansion tank, it’s time to completely drain the cooling system and replace the coolant.

An obligatory intervention for good engine health

Over time and with each kilometre travelled, particles can build up in coolants, which can lead to corrosion, leaks and other costly repairs. Removing these deposits and restoring corrosion protection is essential for a vehicle’s cooling system to function properly, especially to prevent breakdowns caused by overheating, leaks or engine failure.

When to drain the coolant?

The right period depends on several factors: the age and condition of the car, the type of driving, and the type of coolant in the tank.

If there is any question about when to replace the coolant, the vehicle manual or instructions provided by the coolant manufacturer should be consulted.

Changing the coolant is an operation that must be carried out on all vehicles, on average every 2 to 4 years depending on the manufacturer.

What are the benefits of a coolant change?

The main advantages of a coolant change are:

  • Removal of dangerous deposits and limescale. Over time, sludge and particles may form in the radiator and pipes. Their presence can lead to much more serious engine problems. Draining will remove them and restore optimum performance.
  • Lubrication. Draining and replacing the used coolant with a new one will lubricate the moving parts of the cooling system, such as the water pump. Key components of the cooling system will have an extended life.
  • A Better protection against temperature and engine corrosion. It is important to choose a quality coolant after an oil change to better protect against corrosion and temperature extremes.

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