Change the cooling liquid

Changing the coolant

Coolant is an essential part of the cooling system. It is essential for the proper operation of a vehicle’s engine. The coolant must be changed regularly. It is the liquid that helps the engine maintain an ambient temperature to prevent overheating and protect it from freezing.


It’s a fact that coolant is essential for the proper operation of a vehicle engine. Nevertheless, many motorists do not think about it on a regular basis. It must be said that the coolant must be checked and replaced regularly. This kind of neglect can lead to monetary consequences. Indeed, the worst consequence is damage to the engine. The coolant helps to maintain an ambient temperature in the engine, which is a guarantee of reliability.


Coolant replacement is recommended every 2 to 4 years or 50,000 km. So, to drain the used coolant, people can do it manually or go through a drain station like Flash Cooling®. The replacement operation is done by connecting directly to the expansion tank and does not require any disassembly on the vehicle.

The Flash Cooling® station is equipped with 2 external tanks with a capacity of 10 litres each. One allows the recovery and display of the used liquid extracted and the other the storage of the new liquid.

2 lower recovery tanks with a capacity of 25 litres each, one for recycling used liquid for the environment and the other for storing new liquid.

Flash Cooling® is a completely autonomous machine operating from a 220 volt mains socket and does not require any source of compressed air. It is a very quiet machine.

Flash Cooling® works on all types of vehicles, even hybrid and electric vehicles.