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What are the different types of coolants available?

There are different types of coolants on the market today.

  • Mineral coolant.


This type of coolant falls into the mineral category called IAT, short for Inorganic Additive Technology. It is the first coolant technology ever introduced to the market. Today, it is no longer suitable for new engine models, but it is still perfectly suitable for older cars.

  • Organic coolant


This type of coolant is classified as Organic IOT, short for Organic Additive Technology. These are the most popular and best-known types of coolants, especially for their environmental friendliness. Among them, G12 coolant is known for its cooling and anti-corrosive properties. This type of coolant is much better suited to the requirements of new engines.

  • Hybrid coolant


This type of coolant is a mixture of a mineral and organic liquid characterized by a longer service life.




How to differentiate them according to their colour?

To distinguish between the different types of coolants, manufacturers have implemented a colour system. In the beginning, each major brand had a specific colour. However, over the years, these colours have multiplied, making the task more complicated.

For simplicity, it is preferable to consult the vehicle’s maintenance booklet.

Generally, coolants are classified into two main types :

  • Type C, which includes liquids of mineral origin. It includes all green and blue liquids.
  • Type D/G, which includes pink, red or yellow coolants. The latter are known to have a longer service life than type C. This is the case with G12 coolant for example.

The G12 coolant has been upgraded to G12+ and then G12++.

G12 coolant can be mixed with G12+, G12++ and g13

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