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An essential element for the engine

The prevention of failures on a vehicle first requires regular inspection and maintenance of the cooling liquid. Indeed, the cooling circuit is an essential element in the proper
functioning of an engine. Thanks to its various components, it ensures engine cooling, parts lubrication and corrosion formation in the circuit.

Regular maintenance of the liquid and cooling circuit will therefore prevent the occurrence of failures.

A maintenance very important for the prevention of breakdowns

A used coolant loses its properties. Its ph rate decreases, making it acid and increasing its corrosivity. It also loses its antifreeze properties.

The failure rate due to a cooling problem is therefore greatly increased if the fluid is not changed regularly. Indeed, leaks can appear at the level of hoses, seals or radiator. A liquid with an acidic pH level will damage metals in water pumps and thermostats much more easily.

Manufacturers therefore recommend replacing the coolant every 2 or 4 years, depending on the vehicle. Do not hesitate to consult your maintenance booklet to know the maintenance intervals.

How to replace it?

Thanks to our Flash Cooling® station, this operation of draining, purging and replacing the coolant is carried out in a few minutes and requires no disassembly of parts.

Guaranteed tranquility

Station Flash CoolingThis operation will allow you to be much more serene with regard to the breakdowns that can be generated with a used liquid. The technician carrying out the operation will also be able to make sure that your vehicle does not have any leaks and that everything is operational in the cooling system. Regular maintenance will allow you to prevent breakdowns and drive with peace of mind

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