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The G13 for antifreeze and coolant.

In 2013, the Volkswagen Group launched a new coolant, the G13 for antifreeze and coolant.

What is the difference with its predecessors g11, g12, g12+ and g12++ ?

Cleaner, glycerine-based coolant

The G13 comes with a purple color. It has the same cooling and antifreeze performance as the G12++. The main difference compared to the G12++ is that it is manufactured with glycerin instead of glycol. Glycerin is a less toxic component than glycol.

G13 offers an antifreeze composed of glycerin, which pollutes 11% less than a liquid composed of glycol such as G12.

In addition to its antifreeze properties, G13 is a very good coolant for engine cooling and corrosion protection.


An ideal coolant for aluminium radiators

G13 contains silicate additives to further protect and repair aluminum. The silicate additives make G13 the ideal solution for long-term use in all modern radiators, especially those made of aluminium, cast iron and magnesium alloys.

Conversely, G13 is not the best coolant for older engines with copper or brass radiators. It is not recommended for use with lead solder. It is preferable to use an antifreeze with G11 or G12 specification.

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