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Waterless coolant is a unique, patented coolant.

It is compatible for all vehicles and engines.

It has been specially developed for heavy-duty or competition engines.

Waterless coolant keeps engines at the right operating temperature under the harshest conditions.

The main advantages of a waterless coolant

  • This type of liquid prevents the engine from overheating. Indeed, the boiling point of coolant without water is above 180°C.
  • Waterless antifreeze prevents and eliminates corrosion and sludge build-up in the cooling system.
  • It reduces the pressure in the cooling circuit, especially for water pumps that do not deliver enough volume at idle.
  • The water-free 4-season liquid prevents hard scale deposits and inefficient heat transfer.
  • It allows optimal combustion and engine operating temperature.
  • It withstands temperatures down to -40°C.

Waterless coolant still has some advantages, such as lower fuel consumption, a smoother engine, longer hose life, no cavitation and no oxidation of the radiators.

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