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The advantages of Flash Cooling®…

Advantages of the Flash Cooling® station

Simplicity, Speed and Efficiency

The cooling circuit is a vital element for the life of the engine. It must be replaced every 2 to 4 years.

All car manufacturers advocate regular replacement. However, some workshops do not always offer it because it is a tedious operation to carry out, yet it is very important for the lifetime of the engine and its components such as the water pump, the radiator or the cylinder head gasket…

With Flash Cooling®, this operation becomes a child’s play. The operator will drain all the coolant from the circuit in a few minutes and in a very simple way, to the great satisfaction of the engines and users.

Why use Flash Cooling®?

With time and mileage, a vehicle’s coolant gets dirty and loses its qualities. The fouling and oxidation that it causes can quickly deteriorate certain components of the vehicle’s engine, such as the water pump, radiator, cylinder head gasket or hoses. The thermal capacity of the coolant also decreases over time, leading to a longer rise in temperature and heating difficulties in the passenger compartment. Likewise, its antifreeze power may be impaired and lose its effectiveness during a very cold weather.

The benefits of using Flash Cooling®
  • Simple and efficient replacement procedure
  • Quick intervention in a matter of minutes
  • Protects against engine overheating.
  • Prevents engine failure.
  • Avoids corrosion of radiators and thermostats.
  • Prevents premature deterioration of the water pump.
  • Avoids the formation of muddy deposits in the cooling circuit.
  • Extends the life of your engine.
  • Guarantees the life-cycle of cooling components and the engine.
  • Allows the temperature of the cold engine to rise faster, resulting in improved fuel economy.
  • Replacement is advised every 2 years by the manufacturers.
  • Antifreeze guaranteed to a minimum of -25°C.

Flash Cooling

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