Coolant suction and replacement machine

Coolant suction and replacement machine

Replacing coolantcan be a real headache for vehicle owners. It’s a substance that needs to be handled with great care. However, this caution no longer applies with the use of a coolant drain, bleed and change machine. Indeed, there are stations of the Flash Cooling® type whose motto is “machine for draining and replacing coolant in a few minutes”.


The first thing to know about coolant is that it is really essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle by regulating its temperature to avoid overheating. It is therefore important to take a look at the coolant level often enough.

Why? Simply to make sure the car is in perfect working order. Of course, coolant is a chemical substance that must be handled with care and also requires special requirements for its maintenance.

All this information makes it easier to introduce the role of the coolant. The latter has the particularity of only boiling above 100°C, whereas to freeze it, the temperature must be very low.

The main role of the coolant is therefore to keep the engine temperature constant. This will not only prevent the engine from overheating, but also prevent the water from freezing.


Today’s technology makes it possible to take advantage of the benefits in all possible fields, including automotive mechanics. For example, when it comes to draining the coolant, there are currently drain stations like Flash Cooling®.

This allows to create vacuum, to drain, but also to check the tightness, to fill by vacuum and finally to recycle the used coolant. As far as the operation sequence is concerned, this is done in at most ten minutes instead of several hours.

Moreover, this operation does not require any dismantling on the vehicle. Simply connect the machine directly to the expansion tank.

As far as safety measures are concerned, there is no need to worry because thanks to the machine, it is no longer necessary to come into direct contact with the coolant.