Coolant draining station

Coolant draining station

First of all, coolant is essential. A quality coolant ensures that the engine runs smoothly. Therefore, it must be replaced every 2 or 4 years according to the car manufacturers’ recommendations. Today, coolant draining machines perform this intervention. Indeed, a Flash Cooling® draining station will ensure the replacement and purging of the coolant in a few minutes and without any dismantling.

How does a cooling system drain station work?

A coolant drain station completely drains the coolant. It refills any antifreeze. It creates a vacuum. The machine fills the cooling circuit of a vehicle with vacuum and drains it. The station also checks the complete tightness of the circuit.

In addition, the recycling of used coolant is facilitated. Soils are protected from contamination. It is easy to use. It connects directly to the vehicle’s expansion tank. Finally, no disassembly on the engine is necessary.

2 external tanks equip the station. 2 lower recovery tanks with a larger capacity are also available.

The specificities of a cooling circuit draining station

First of all, a cooling system drain station is characterized by its efficiency. The operation is carried out easily and, above all, very quickly.
Indeed, about ten minutes are necessary to carry out the operation of bleeding and replacement of the cooling circuit.

In addition, safety, recycling and respect for the environment are emphasized. No direct contact with the coolant is possible. Therefore, the risk of burns and poisoning is avoided.

Coolant gives off glycol fumes. These fumes are toxic to humans.