Coolant draining machine

Coolant draining machine

Coolant is an essential element for the proper operation of an engine. Over time, however, it becomes dirty and loses its properties. It therefore requires maintenance. This maintenance is mainly done by draining, bleeding and replacing the coolant. It is advisable to replace it every 2 to 4 years or 50,000 km. To replace it easily and quickly, there are coolant draining machines available.

Easily bleed the cooling circuit with a specialized machine

A coolant drain machine is really useful. It allows to make a check on the tightness of the cooling circuit. It drains and recycles the used coolant.

This type of station for draining, purging and replacing all cooling circuits is attracting the attention of motorists because of its performance and efficiency, as in the case of Flash Cooling®. With this kind of device, the whole operation is quick and simple. Simply connect the machine directly to the expansion tank. The station works alone.

No disassembly of parts is necessary. In addition, this type of device is equipped with two external tanks with a large capacity. There are also two lower drip pans on the machine with a larger capacity. This makes it easier to recycle the used liquid in an environmentally friendly way.

The Importance of Coolant and its Role

The importance of coolant is underlined by its role in keeping the engine running safely. Changing, draining and replacing the coolant in a machine makes it easier to maintain the engine coolant. Coolant has an amazing feature.

Indeed, the latter only starts to boil above the temperature of 100°C. Likewise, to freeze the coolant, it is necessary to reach temperatures that are considered to be very low. This demonstrates the primary role of the coolant, which is to keep the temperature of a vehicle’s engine constant, avoiding either overheating of the engine or freezing of the water inside.

In fact, the coolant will ensure the transport to the radiator of the calories that are produced in excess by the engine and that the engine cannot evacuate by itself. A coolant in good condition limits the possible risks of oxidation as well as possible scale deposits in the cooling circuit.