Coolant draining apparatus

Coolant draining apparatus

For coolant maintenance, there are coolant draining, purging and changing devices available. It is a machine that allows to perform all 3 cycles in one operation.

Advantages of a coolant drain station

A device such as Flash Cooling® allows you to drain the coolant and check the tightness of the circuit. It creates a vacuum and fills the entire cooling circuit by vacuum. The environmental issue is also taken care of. In fact, this machine also makes it possible to recycle used coolant.

The entire replacement operation is done in a few minutes. It does not require any disassembly on the motor. Simply connect the station directly to the expansion tank. The coolant draining machine is a completely autonomous machine. No need to worry about noise, it is a really quiet machine.

Of course, this device generally works on all types of vehicles including electric and hybrid cars. Other advantages of the coolant changeover device are that it is quick to operate and really easy to use.

The safety instructions to be followed for a coolant replacement

It is important to know that the coolant must be handled with care. For this reason, safety instructions should generally be followed. It is generally advisable to use protective equipment in such situations.

With the coolant draining machine, this kind of inconvenience is almost non-existent as there is no contact with the coolant. The advantage of carrying out the used coolant change service with one station is that checking the levels, draining the tank and refilling it with new coolant is done automatically.

The operation is carried out in a few minutes and does not require the vehicle to be immobilised for hours.